3 day event | October 13-16th

Austin, TX

Awaken the artist Within

– by Garrain jones

Immerse Yourself

Immerse yourself in a 3-day transformative experience and unlock your potential so you can put your authentic self into everything you do by tapping into the magical source of “Artist Power” that is deep inside you.

Venue: Garrain’s private mansion estate

VIP Access: Begins October 13th

“I cannot say enough amazing things about my experience working with Garrain. My life has seen a 180 shift since I’ve been working with him. One of my biggest takeaways was learning and seeing how powerful I really am.”

- Cerena

Immerse | Awaken | Transform

You have everything inside of you that you could ever need to create a life of your wildest dreams. The challenge is we grew up in a culture that taught us to hide our uniqueness, our passions, our dreams, our emotions – everything that makes us, US.
It's time to rediscover the Artist Power in YOU.

I'm Garrain Jones

Helping people tap into their inner artist so they can be their authentic self in all areas of life? This is what I am one of the best in the world at helping people do. 
If I can go from $200,000 in debt, living in my car for 2.5 years and being an ex-convict… to impacting millions, earning millions, and living a life without regrets, then I believe it’s possible for anyone to overcome their obstacles, and manifest the life they really want.

Outcomes to expect

Garrain Jones spends 3 days working on:

Full Self Expression

Embodied Confidence

Emotional Healing

Discovering the Truth of Who You Are

Tapping into Childlike Fun

Taking Relationships to Next Level

Expanding Your Business

Ready to Awaken the Artist Within?




Garrain's Private mansion estate

  • Hangout at Garrain’s Private Mansion Estate
    Located 25 minutes from Austin Airport
  • Secret Secondary Location for Deep-Dive Workshops
  • All meals included
  • ​Event kicks off at 8:00 AM CST on October 14th, 2022
  • ​Event concludes at 6:00 PM CST on October 16th, 2022

For VIPs-Only: Event kicks off on October 13th (details upon purchase)

“Before working with Garrain, I thought I knew what I wanted and needed, but once I worked with him, I discovered a completely different experience. I learned how to plant seeds that will make my business grow exponentially.”

- Jordan

What is Artist power?

Your Artist power is the child within you that holds the fullness of who you really are It’s the part of you that wants to sing, dance, paint, create, love and shine like a diamond. Artist Power is walking into any room, owning it and communicating with the kind of authority that demands attention… and inspires people to step up.

It’s the child within that has zero inhibitions in sharing their excitement with the world. It’s connecting with our emotional selves, releasing any shame, pain & lower emotions that are blocking our creative genius… and creating space for more love in our lives. It’s learning to own who we are in a relationship – communicating our needs, wants & desires and unlocking infinite love with your partner.

It’s using a sense of bold determination to grow your business further than you thought possible.

Artist Power is the key that unlocks the door to everything we yearn to experience in life.

What does it feel like to unlock your potential?

How would it feel to be able to finally have the confidence to speak in public?
Have you ever wanted to jump on stage and sing your heart out? 
Do you know deep down you’re capable of leading others and making a big impact in the world?
This power is right there inside you…But somewhere along the way that light was dimmed… and eventually ignored. 
Most people are radically different from who they were as a child. They forgot to laugh, be curious, and create.  Because something or someone hurt them enough to make them feel like they needed to hide.
If you want to Learn How to Embody your “Artist Power”. The Confident, Creative, Authentic Expression of who you truly are that is responsible for all that you desire in our career, relationships & life….

Then allow me to introduce to you my 3 day transformative event.

Let’s uncover the greatness that lives inside of you.

Garrain Jones

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This event is located in Austin, Texas at Garrain's private estate. Exact address is sent after purchase. Additional event info can be found here.

Yes, there are limited spots available for the retreat. Once the event is sold out, there will be no more seats available.

For General ticket holders, the event is from October 14-16, and exact details on when to arrive is sent after purchase (it's in the AM).


For VIP ticket holders, the event is from October 13-16, and exact details on when to arrive is sent after purchase (it's in the afternoon on the 13th).


Each day is different and exact details of what outfits to wear are sent after purchase. If you'd like to bring a water bottle, you can certainly do so, but food and beverages are provided during the event.

This event is for anyone that is ready to unlock their Artist Power and thrive in every area of their life. Whether it may be in business, relationships, or even your overall health. When you tap into your Artist Power you unlock your truest expression which spills over into every facet of your life.

If you click "Let's Get Started" on this page, you'll be redirected to the packages available for the retreat. Payments are processed online via credit/debit card payments. To jump straight to available packages, click here. 

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