On this day 7 years ago, I wanted to die.

I questioned why God was keeping me alive. I had no real connection with my family, lived in my car for 2.5 years, sleeping in my storage unit on clothes piled 5ft high.

I wasn’t a present father, my girlfriend broke up with me because I couldn’t get my life together, my main source of food was syrup sandwiches and ramen noodles. I was ocean deep in debt, my mom’s health was failing and she was in and out of the hospital, and I had gained an extra 40 pounds of evil fat. I felt like the walking dead.

I didn’t know how I got there. All I knew is every day felt like quicksand.

Have you ever felt like this?

Where are you currently going through troubled times? You don’t have to have gone through exactly what I went through, to mentally be going through the same thing.

I am living witness to what happens when you change your way of thinking.


Here are the first 3 things I did that altered the

course of my life when I was in that black hole:


1) I wrote a list of everything I loved to do and everything I was good at, with the intention of hitting up any way I could to make money. I was doing singing telegrams, washing cars, clapping in game show audiences, doing extra work, posing as a grown baby… I even did an episode of 1,000 ways to die. I was truly seeking.

2) I chose to take steps toward getting healthy. I stopped eating fatty foods, and I also surrounded myself around other healthy people.

My health affected the way that I felt. > The way I felt affected my thoughts. > My thoughts affected my words. > My words affected my actions. > And my actions affected the outcome.

3) I started applying personal development in my life. I figured, if my life was the combination of all the TV shows, news, radio and whatever else in society I was allowing to influence me, then I would rather be influenced by some of the most powerful people who were making a difference in the world.


These were the three choices that started it all. So, if any of you out there feel stuck with no direction, start here! The foundation of your life will thank you for it.



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