From Homeless to Hopeful Hero You think you know me? You have no idea. Because to know me is to know my truth. For so long, I hid behind so many lies from the environment I grew up in, lies from school, lies from the news, lies from TV, lies from my peers, when deep down inside I’ve always known the truth. This video recalls the first time I realized that there was so much more to my life. It was the moment that I no longer cared what people thought of me. I no longer allowed people’s opinions to determine how I showed up in the world because that power belongs to me. I no longer used the stories of my past as an excuse to why my life wasn’t what it could be. Everybody on the face of this earth has a story and has had to overcome something. Most choose not to speak up about it, not realizing the level of impact that could be created from those hidden truths. Now I am choosing to authentically share so that others who have given up hope know that so much more is possible for their life. What I have come to realize is that it’s not about what happens to you, it’s about what you do with what happens to you that determines the result of our lives. If you or someone you know finds inspiration anywhere in this video, I challenge you to step up and share with those around you from the vulnerability of your life what you have done to overcome those things. People are always searching for ways to change the world but they are always focusing outwards, when the only way to truly change the world is to transform your own life and teach other people what you did. #TheGarrainJonesFlow #ChangeYourMindsetChangeYourLife #PurposeOverEverything #YourLifeIsYourChoice #GarrainJones #Vulnerability #VideoOfTheDay #Documentary #AnyoneCanChange #TransformYourLife Please like, comment and share as you wish. instagram: garrainsjones snapchat: garrainjones *Disclaimer: Achievement present is top 1% of distributors. For generally expected earnings, see the Statement of Average Gross compensation at Posted by The Garrain Jones Flow on Tuesday, March 7, 2017

“I want to be healthy! I want to be happy! I want to be surrounded by nothing but positive people! I want to travel the world and inspire people on stages of thousands and I want to make a bunch of money; but I want the money to represent something that I passionately believe in that I would do for free! Just show me a sign!!! Just show me a sign!!!”

Those are the words that I screamed out during the darkest moment of my life. I spent over a decade jumping from one couch to another and lived out of my car for two and a half years. Even though I knew deep down inside that I was meant to live a better life, I allowed my selfish ways, my ego and my pride to get in the way of reaching my dreams. I was finally realizing that the choices I made created the life I was living. After screaming those words, I knew I had to make some serious changes. I was still unsure of how my life was going to look exactly, but I acted fast. At the time, I decided that I was going to take a different approach, so I changed his mindset. One week later, I was introduced to an opportunity that connected all the dots. I didn’t have an easy life, but I learned a new approach, which produced an amazing life. And now all I want to do is share everything I learned so that others have a positive example and direction in life. I am more inspired than ever to work for my freedom because now I know exactly what my purpose is.

Change your Mindset, Change your Life


Garrain loves speaking anywhere with an abundance of people that he can impact, inspire and change a life. Everything from Facebook Live, Fortune 500 companies, stages of 20,000 people, blogs, TV, radio, prisons or children’s classrooms.